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PASS Business Intelligence Virtual Group

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2013 Recordings

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A Dive Into Data Quality Services

Speaker: Steve Simon

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Data quality and data cleansing have always been major challenges to any enterprise that deals with data. For those of us who have dealt with Data Profiler Tasks in SQL Server 2008, we were shocked yet pleasantly surprised with the great advances that Microsoft has made with the advent of Data Quality Services, in the SQL Server 2012 release. In this hands-on presentation we shall be looking at how to set up a new knowledge base, based upon an existing one, set up rules, do knowledge discovery within the new knowledge base and finally cleanse the data through a data quality project. The end results being more effective data, guaranteed to keep end users and management happy. 

Bio: Steve Simon is a SQL Server MVP and is a senior BI Development Engineer with Atrion Networking Corporation in Providence RI USA. He has been involved with database design and analysis for over 29 years. Steve has presented papers at 8 PASS Summits and one at PASS Europe 2009 and 2010. He has recently presented a Master Data Services presentation at the PASS Amsterdam Rally and is a regular presenter at SQL Saturday’s in the USA and Canada. Steve has presented 5 papers at the Information Builders' Summits. He is a PASS regional mentor.


17 December 2013

Inferred Dimension Members within MDS and SSIS

Speaker: Reza Rad

Combining Master Data Services with Data Warehouses, will cause some challenges in ETL Scenarios. In this session we will go through a demo of Inferred Dimension Members implementation with SSIS considering the fact that MDS keeps the single version of truth for the dimension record. In this session you will learn how we will write back new record's data into MDS entity as an Inferred member. The staging structure of Master Data Services and Batch Processing will be used for this. Then you will learn what is the best practice to add the inferred record into Data Warehouse dimension. Updating the existing dimension member also would consider the Inferred member and apply SCD types only if this is not an inferred Member.


12 December 2013

Create and Load a Staging Environment from Scratch in an Hour with Biml

Speaker: Scott Currie

Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml) automates your BI patterns and eliminates the manual repetition that consumes most of your SSIS development time. During this hour long presentation, Scott Currie from Varigence will use the free BIDSHelper add-in for BIDS and SSDT to introduce Biml and use to automatically generate large quantities of custom SSIS packages. The session will be largely demonstration driven, and reusable sample code will be distributed for you to use in your own projects. Using a live-typing approach, Scott will start from scratch and by the end of the session create a full-blown staging environment. This will include the creation of *hundreds* of target table creation scripts, data load packages, data scrubbing rules, logging, and more. The best part is that you can freely reuse the code in your own environment just by changing the connection strings - or make small changes to implement your own data load patterns. .

Code samples are located here.

19 November 2013

Data Vault Data Warehouse Architecture

Speaker: Jeff Renz and Leslie Weed

Data vault is a compelling architecture for an enterprise data warehouse using SQL Server 2012. A well designed data vault data warehouse facilitates fast, efficient and maintainable data integration across business systems. In this session Leslie and I will review the basics about enterprise data warehouse design, introduce you to the data vault architecture and discuss how you can leverage new features of SQL Server 2012 help make your data warehouse solution provide maximum value to your users.


12 November 2013

Dimensional Modelling Design Patterns: Beyond Basics

Speaker: Jason Horner, Josh Fennessy, Carlos Bossy and Reeves Smith

This session will provide a deeper dive into the art of dimensional modeling. We will look at the different types of fact tables and dimension tables, how and when to use them. We will also some approaches to creating rich hierarchies that make reporting a snap. This session promises to be very interactive and engaging, bring your toughest Dimensional Modeling quandaries. 


7 November 2013

The Accidental Business Intelligence Project Manager

Speaker: Jen Stirrup

  • You’ve watched the Apprentice with Donald Trump and Lord Alan Sugar. You know that the Project Manager is usually the one gets fired. 
  • You’ve heard that Business Intelligence projects are prone to failure. 
  • You know that a quick Bing search for ‘why do Business Intelligence projects fail?’ produces a search result of 25 million hits! 
  • Despite all this… you’re now Business Intelligence Project Manager – now what do you do? 

In this session, Jen will provide a ‘sparks from the anvil’ series of steps and working practices in Business Intelligence Project Management. What about waterfall vs agile? What is a Gantt chart anyway? Is Microsoft Project your friend or a problematic aspect of being a BI PM?

Jen will give you some ideas and insights that will help you set your BI project right: assess priorities, avoid conflict, empower the BI team and generally deliver the Business Intelligence project successfully!

Slide deck 


3 October 2013

NY, London, Paris, Munich… Everybody's Talkin’ ‘bout Mobile BI

Speaker: Paul Turley

In 1995, Bill Gates said the goal at Microsoft was "... empowering people through great software any time, any place, and on any device.” Taking that to heart, 2013 will be known as the year of Microsoft Mobile BI. A lot of innovation has come out of the product teams over the past few months, including some exciting new mobile BI capabilities that can put on-the-go business leaders and information workers in the information driver seat (but no data exploring while driving, please!). 

Practically every reporting and dashboard product has a mobile capability, and some new tools have been designed specifically for tablet devices. Use Power View, SSRS reports, and Excel visuals on your iPad and Surface RT. Build and use compelling visual dashboards and analytic exploration on almost any device. Most importantly, learn to design the semantic model layer and security to make all the magic happen for your business. 


20 September 2013

Happy as a Pig in Muck?

Speaker: Allan Mitchell

This session will take a look at Pig. Pig is a platform for analysing large datasets using a high level language in Hadoop.  It is easy to use, intuitive and embarrassingly parallel.  It was developed in order to avoid the complexities of Map Reduce. It is useful for ad-hoc analysis and of course ETL.  During this session we will see it being used to manipulate structured and unstructured data.


17 September 2013 

Data Driven Formatting in SSRS

Speaker: John Martin

Ever had marketing send out that email saying that they are re-branding the company with new colours and fonts, normally not a problem until they mention that the 300+ SSRS reports need to be changed too... 

This session will show you how to make use of SSRS project templates, and built in data sets, variable, expressions and a bit of modification to the SSRS database to help make these sorts of requests a simple matter of updating some values in a database. As opposed to pulling the reports out of source control before modifying them and trying to get a deployment scheduled.


12 September 2013 

Power Map: Displaying Data Geographically

Speaker: Peter Welling

Mapping data from Excel on an ad-hoc basis has always been a difficult task. A user will either have to buy a special program or try to build a custom solution from scratch. The Bing Maps API and Power View made mapping information easier but mapping data in 3D on an ad hoc basis was still not possible.

The Excel add-in Power Map provides that solution. Power Map is a 3D mapping tool add in for Excel that will aggregate, categorize, and present information on a 3D world globe.



2 September 2013 

From Data Source to Secret Sauce: Hive for BI Pro

Speaker: Jen Stirrup

Big Data is not so much about storing massive amounts of data in a common database. It is also a force of change for the organisation, and it means that we have to consider the collective capabilities of the platform to serve the business: from data source to secret sauce that will help the business to make data-driven decisions to drive the enterprise forward.

How can you get your organisation's secret sauce? Big Data allows us to conduct better analyses because research has shown that simple algorithms with a lot of data can produce better results than complex algorithms that do not have a data-rich set to work on. Data scientists need a way of combining the scalability of Big Data with the ability to conduct extensive data analysis.



6th August 2013

The 20 Minute Tabular Model

Speaker: Bill Anton

The Tabular model is the new kid on the block in Analysis Services 2012. Join me in this introductory-level session where we'll quickly cover the differences between Tabular and Multidimensional models before diving into Visual Studio and creating a basic tabular model.


Speaker: Reza Rad
Controlling execution of tasks in Control Flow tab of SSIS package can be much easier with getting help of Foreach Loop container. Foreach loop container provides ability to loop through items of a list. There are 7 types of enumerators for using in this Foreach loop, which provides wide range of lists to be used in loop structure. For example looping through array of items in a variable, or nodes and elements of an XML data, or looping through excel sheets, looping through SQL Server data objects.... In this session audience will learn about all 7 types of enumerators, and real world scenarios of using them in SSIS packages. 

One of the main benefits of loop structures are helping in creating dynamic task execution, for example dynamic data flow. In this session, there will be samples of creating dynamic data flows with help of Foreach Loop enumerators.

Speaker: Mike Davis
PowerPivot is a powerful new tool able to slice and dice data in memory very fast. In this session you will learn how to build complex situations like, parent child hierarchies, Many to Many, and using inactive Relationships and learn some string manipulations. Come see these complex DAX functions and leave with some great DAX knowledge.
Key takeaways: Learn DAX expressions like parent child hierarchies and Many to Many. 
Speaker: Raed AlHazme
Business Intelligence (BI) systems are collections of tools that provide the ability to transform huge amount of data into Knowledge and, eventually, informed decisions. BI systems are nowadays are among the essential tools in many industries, such as banking and marketing. Many BI implementations have also been conducted in healthcare, and many of them have already shown significant positive results.

This session will highlight the utilization of BI in the healthcare surveillance field. It will focus on a BI implementation that took place in one of the heath councils in the state of Florida. The speaker will start by covering the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure of the council prior to the project initial. He will then walk through the different project phases until the system development completion. The speaker will also highlight the key system components and provide a number of demonstrations to illustrate their functionality and benefits.
MDX vs. DAX: Currency Conversion Faceoff                   
Speaker: Christian Wade
Compare and contrast how multidimensional and tabular achieve the same end result in quite different ways. Learn where multidimensional decorates the metadata of the model, while tabular offloads responsibility to DAX. Understand how the design goals of the DAX language – which are akin to Excel formulas and relational-database concepts – differ from MDX and traditional OLAP. Features covered can be used in a broad range of scenarios (not only currency conversion) adding valuable knowledge to your SSAS arsenal. Level: 400
SSRS – Implementing a Rendering Extension                  
Speaker: Josh Sivey
In SSRS, a rendering extension is a component or module of a report server that transforms report data and layout information into a device-specific format. Out of the box, SSRS includes seven rendering extensions: HTML, Excel, Word, CSV, XML, Image, and PDF.  During this presentation, Josh will show how to implement and deploy a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) rendering extension for SSRS.  JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format commonly used in rich client web applications.
Speaker: Regis Baccaro
Is DQS here to stay or is it the emperor's new clothes ? in this session we will a look at how DQS can empower data cleansing in the enterprise , how we can use it in SSIS and some advanced techniques to solved complex data cleansing problems that'll make you a cleansing and matching hero with concepts such as Term Based Relationships, Domain/Composite Domain Rules, and using Remote Data Services in Windows Azure marketplace. We will also demonstrate how to enhance your DQS KB as you cleanse, enabling a cycle of data quality improvement. If you’ve looked at DQS but aren’t sure how to get the most out of it for your data, come to this session to see how to move beyond the basics
SSIS Design Patterns for Fun and Profit                 
Speaker: Jessica Moss, Michelle Ufford
Michelle and Jessica will present design patterns to assist in the day-to-day activities of SQL Server Integration Services 2012 development. Learn how best to set up a template package, to centralize information into one logging database, and to review the metadata of executions. This online session will provide you information you can use today as well as provide a base of patterns that you can use for future development.
Speaker: Craig Utley
There is an old saying, “May you live in interesting times.” It is both a blessing and a curse. Microsoft certainly makes viewing data interesting. Excel, Excel Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, PerformancePoint Services, PowerPivot, Power View are the tools Microsoft proposes. It’s no wonder companies are confused. Craig Utley looks at each of these tools, showing not only the capabilities, but providing guidelines for the strengths and weaknesses of the tools based on the target audience. If you want to get a handle on the confusing world of Microsoft BI delivery tools, this talk is for you.



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